The base command is:

  • bed

Append one of the sub commands to execute them. Example:

  • bed help


Sub commands

The text between the signs less than and greater than is necessary to execute it correctly. The text between brackets is optional.

  • ¬†aliases
    • Shows available aliases for the main command.
  • blacklist <add|remove|list> (dimension)
    • Lists all available blacklisted dimensions.
    • Adds or removes a dimension to the blacklist via dimension argument.
      • All homes of an added dimension will be removed.
  • clear <playername>
    • Removes all homes from the given player.
  • config
    • Show the settings of ‘multidimension_bed_port’ and ‘teleportation_delay’.
  • ¬†erase (dimension)
    • Erases all homes in the given dimension.
  • help (<command>)
    • Shows help for each available command.
  • list

    • Displays all homes with dimension of the player who executed the command.
  • multiport <0|1>
    • Turns the teleportation to the homes between dimensions on/off,
  • reload
    • Will reload the configuration from disc.
  • port (dimension)
    • Teleports you to your bed in the current dimension, if no dimension is given.
    • Teleports you to your bed in the given dimension, if ‘multidimension_bed_port’ is on.
    • Teleport will be canceled while moving or being under attack / getting damage.
  • reload
    • Reloads the configuration from disc.
  • remove <playername> <dimension>
    • Removes a home from a player in the given dimension.
  • wait <seconds>
    • Sets the delay before teleportation starts. 0 seconds means no wait time.