The base command is:

  • worldjointext

Append one of the sub commands to execute them. Example:

  • worldjointext help


Sub commands

The text between the signs less than and greater than is necessary to execute it correctly. The text between brackets is optional.

  • add <server|worldid> <modid>
    • Adds a new join text for a given dimension.
    • Example: wjt add server &3Welcome to our server &6&l%playername%&r
    • Result: (After the server join) Welcome to our server ExamplePlayer
    • Example: wjt add -1 &4Welcome to hell &a&l%ingamename%&r
    • Result: (After entering the nether) Welcome to hell [Cats] ExamplePlayer
  • aliases
    • Shows available aliases for the main command.
  • clear <server|worldid>
    • Removes all texts of a dimension.
  • dimensions
    • Lists the IDs of all available dimensions.
  • help (<command>)
    • Shows help for each available command.
  • list <server|worldid>
    • Shows all texts from the dimension ID.
  • print <server|worldid> <textid>
    • Shows the current unformated join text of a dimension.
  • reload
    • Will reload the configuration from disc.
  • remove <server|worldid> <textid>
    • Removes the join text of a dimension.
  • set <server|worldid> <textid> <text>
    • Sets a new join text for an existing text in the given dimension.
  • show <server|worldid> <textid>
    • Shows the current formated join text of a dimension.